“this land was made for you and for me” by lesia marushak – incadaques photo festival

“This Land Was Made For You And Me is a work about the thousands of immigrants who answered the Canadian government’s call to settle the Canadian prairies seeking freedom. My family was among them. Over a decade later they found themselves designated as “enemy aliens” during the “Great War” of 1914-18. The reason for this action was that most Ukrainians came from lands at war with Britain, and the British Empire, including Canada. Canada’s government imprisoned 8,579 men, women and children in 24 internment camps across the country. The long-standing and ongoing practice of detaining civilians without trial is one that liberal democracies often resort to during crises in the belief that suspension of rights and freedoms are necessary in the short term to deal with the perceived threat of the moment. My creative process bears witness to the intimacy of the content. Rather than making infinitely reproducible images, these are singular, hand-crafted prints with a material worth. I construct works out of black and white pigment prints, sometimes hand-painted, and film which is colored, frosted or hand gilded with 23 KT gold. Their physicality recalls the photograph as a unique memoire of limited availability in the pre-digital age. This is an exploration of the role of the photograph when matters of history, identity, ethics, place, aesthetics and documentation converge. Composed of reinterpreted and new photography, film, archival materials, and text, the project was developed as a collaboration with Taous Dahmani (Sorbonne/Oxford), Library Archives Canada, the Canadian War Museum, and their employees. This Land Was Made For You And Me is an icon pointing to the relevance history. This is their story. It is my story. It is our story.”  Lesia Maruschak

 exhibition held from 16th to 25th october at galeria cadaqués, within the framework of the fourth edition of incadaques photo festival