“the malahite room” laura white


the malahite room

whether it is in the winter palace in st petersburg in russia, or in cadaqués in catalonia, spain is a room that claims to contain significant objects. on this occasion the objects housed in the malahite room in cadaqués bring together individual works from the private collections of huc and josep malla, and works by artist laura white. white has reconfigured each individual piece to reawaken our understanding of them through a new context of concise selection, manipulation and placement, such as through the use of bespoke plinths and platforms, and drawings that document works on display and other objects that are not in the room.

the materials of both objects and their displaying devices are key in grounding the works historically and then further through their formal qualities, subject matter and thematic categorisation. objects range from utilitarian to religious, original to copy, questioning ideas of value, status and taste of individual and collections of objects.

exploring the malahite room is to explore a reorientation of objects and to bring new social awareness through the re presenting of both historical artifacts and contemporary art.