“richard hamilton. master in print”


richard hamilton

master in print, maestro de múltiples

galeria cadaqués opens this summer with a retrospective of the works of one of britain’s most influencial twentieth century artists, richard hamilton (london 1922-2011).

his close relationship with lanfraco bombelli enabled galería cadaqués to hold 14 individual exhibitions of his work.

three years after his death, the curators huc malla and vicenç altaió have revived the spirit of the father of british pop art by bringing the first individual exhibition in a private gallery in the iberian peninsula.

master in print, maestro de múltiples. in this tribute to the career of richard hamilton we find from the most iconic of his work to oddities and collected works never seen before.

“richard hamilton. master in print, maestro de múltiples” 21/06 to 30/07/2014 from 19 to 21:30h.