“línia discontínua” by jordi mitjà

When we drive up to Cadaqués we come across an atypical traffic sign that says: Warning. Dashed line only indicates road axis. It is a  subtle way of alerting us of certain dangers, which are otherwise too obvious. In the year 2015 Huc Malla showed me a series of objects kept in his warehouse, many of which were produced by Lanfranco Bombelli during the first phase of the Cadaqués Gallery. That day we reached a verbal agreement: in the future we would make an exhibition with that huge amount of artwork, posters, wrappings, woods and other objects.

A certain desire shared with Huc of taking risks and fostering his collection of collections has been what triggered this project. In the end of 2020, with the purpose of activating an artistic residence, I started moving these materials to the gallery in order to give them new meaning. These materials would later move towards Lladó’s workshop to finally return to Cadaqués. The logic the process follows is of content that transits back and forth, physically advancing from past to present. From euphoric homage to critical wanderings, by way of fortune reliving utmost splendour or inconveniently smashing into pieces downhill. In covid times, to be on the road, carrying sensitive and certainly dangerous matters, has been as comforting as a cure.

jordi mitjà. cadaqués/lladó, may 2021