“lightmare” de margerite bornhauser – incadaques photo festival

Photographer Marguerite Bornhauser presents a selection of photos from her recent production which, through original visual associations, seem to be the starting point of an enigmatic tale. These images set a backdrop where the torpor of summer skies, indolent bodies and play of light is suddenly interrupted by a broken glass or a splash – all clues that something has just happened. Marguerite Bornhauser’s work mixes fortuitous scenes and carefully constructed compositions, thus blurring the lines between reality and fiction. By refusing to caption his photos and place them in their shooting context, the artist makes each image the origin of a deliberately subjective story. His photographic language, marked by intense colors, relentless shadows and close-ups, offers a free interpretation of reality.


exhibition 16 to 25 october 2020 within the framework of the fourth edition of incadaques photo festival