“en passant” by sabine weiss – incadaques photo festival

«Sabine Weiss, photographer of light and tenderness»

This photographer of Swiss origin has been travelling with her camera for forty-five years hunting out encounters with affection and tireless curiosity. Former assistant to fashion photographer Willy Maywald in the late 1940s, she learnt the latest techniques of studio lighting and paradoxically this experience taught her the importance of natural light as a source of emotion.

Member of the Rapho Agency, since 1953, she is associated with this line of photographers called «humanists» who made history in the fifties and sixties. She has produced numerous fashion reports and portraits of famous people and artists (Giacometti, Braque, etc.) for the magazine «Vogue». A significant and regular collaborator for the American press, she also frequently responds to requests from the international press. Also working regularly in advertising, Sabine provides both colour and black-and-white reporting in a wide variety of fields with mastery and sensitivity.

In addition to her commissioned work, she has always taken pictures” for herself». Over time, she has come to devote herself almost exclusively to black and white reporting and this has enabled her, as she travels the world, to express this encounter between man and his universe, and the ampleness of the light that obsesses her, with “calm and simplicity”.

Establishing with them endless dialogues, wherever her camera lens takes her, her eye captures each touching moment where a simple gesture or attitude reveals the inner essence of mankind.

The exhibition “En passant” bears witness to the curious, tender and amused gaze of this great humanist photographer throughout the world, between 1949 and 1996.


exhibition from 20th-29th september, within the framework of the third edition of incadaques photo festival