“el llibre a la sala” ariadna serrahima


el llibre a la sala

el llibre a la sala (the book in the room) explores the frontier between the book format and how we move within it. how can we exhibit a book without it becoming a document or a file? how can we invade the display space with the simple gesture of opening the book? this is a sample of ariadna serrahima’s trajectory, which has, from its inception, interwoven art, graphic images and design, reflecting upon the relationship between space and language.

the source of her books are specific actions dictated by a fascination for ways of measuring distance and how to transpose it onto a page through words and images. each graphic piece involves a typographic voyage where the process of laying out the page is a creative act in itself, and not just a reproduction. bringing “the book in the room” is a gesture which puts into question the terminology which invades the way we perceive each format. from one frontier to another: from an action to a book, from a book to an artwork and from an artwork to a book.

july 4th – july 17th, 2015