“cadaqués, porta d’entrada”

cadaqués, porta d’entrada

cadaqués has been the entry point of three aesthetic revolutions: impressionist realism and rural cubism; ultra-local surrealism with the paris group; and the transition from mental and pop art to conceptual art.

cadaqués is witness to the arrival and departure and return of new artists. a radically new xxi century: anna malagrida, jordi mitjà, ariadna serrahima and rosa tharrats.

galería cadaqués’ program for summer 2015: “cadaqués, an entrance gate” is a carefully chosen and original selection of exceptional works regarding the creative processes and artists’ proofs by marcel duchamp, richard hamilton, dieter roth, bruno munari, jasper johns, giuseppe santomaso, max bill, françois morellet, richard paul lohse, antonio calderara and lanfranco bombelli, in an ongoing conversation between each of them with contemporary artists.

the works of serrahima, mitjà, malagrida and tharrats will be exhibited both in galeria cadaqués, along with the avant-garde classics, and in the espai dos of the galeria cadaqués, with unique individual exhibitions.

july 4th -september 13th, 2015.

Marcel Duchamp

Richard Hamilton

Dieter Roth

Bruno Munari

Jasper Johns

Giuseppe Santomaso

Max Bill

François Morellet

Richard Paul Lohse

Antonio Calderara

Lanfranco Bombelli